About Us

Dimoria College is located at khetri, about 30kms. To East of Guwahati city on N.H. 37 with excellent communication facility. It is situated in the Dimoria Tribal Belt , a part of dispur LAC under kamrup (metro) District. The ariea is located close to north eastern frings of the Meghalaya Hills and western part of Morigaon District. Dimoria, the erstwhile medieval principality, is the symbol of rich cultural and ethnic diversity, being predominantly inhabited by different colourful tribes like karbis, Tiwas, Bodos, Garos alongside Bengalis, Tea Tribes and non-tribal Assamese population. From the madding crowd an idelic surrounding of blue hills and lush green valley, coupled with a diversified ethnic, cultural and geographical setting, makes the location of college a perfect heaven for intellectual pursuit of the highest order.

Mission & Vision

The vision of Dimoria College is to mould the character of the future generations as competent citizens of the nation, who can be self reliant and inspiring for others. It has as its mission a passionate concern for providing higher education to upcoming generation of this educationally and socially backward region predominantly inhabited by various tribal and non-tribal ethnic groups of people, and to work as an effective instrument of social changes for Dimoria as well as the State Assam as a whole. The college intends to translate into reality dreams and visions of the founding fathers through technical learning, evaluation, research & extension. The college pledges for upliftrnent of rural poor by making them aware of the global changes through education and co-curricular activities.

Goals & Objectives

The College was established with the following distinct goals and objectives:
a) Comprehensive development of the socially disadvantaged and economically backward people.
b) Dissemination of knowledge of different branches of modern science and humanities.
c) Production of enlightened human resources in the region to bring about all-round development.
d) To bring about the change in the attitude of the new generation learns towards a better environment in the region.
e) To install a sense of social responsibility in the minds of the sound and generate an awareness about their rights and duties as conscious citizens of India.


“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”


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