Office Bearers of Dimoria College

PRINCIPAL I/C: Shri Pranjal Kumar Das, M.A.
1. Mr. Mantu Man Medhi, S.A. 2. Mr. Cheni Ram Deka, U.D.A.
3. Mr. Madan Chandra Das, U.D.A.
4. Mr. Narayan Das, L.D.A.
5. Mr. Bhuban Chandar Tumung, L.D.A.
6. Ms. Sarada Phukan, L.D.A.
7. Mr. Rajat Kumai, Lab.Asstt. (examination)
8. Mr.Bharat Baishya, Lab.bearer (P.G.Cell)
9. Mrs.Phulmoni Deka, Lab.bearer (library)
10. Mrs. Mantima Pathak, Lab.bearer (Geology Library)
11. Mr. Dipak Thakuria, Lab.bearer (office)
12. Mr. Ranjit Das, Lab.bearer
13. Mr. Suleswar Boro, Lab.Bearer
14. Mr. Ashim Chandra Deka, Lab.bearer
15. Mr. Paritosh Nath, Lab.bearer
16. Mr. John Sangma, Lab.bearer
17. Mrs. Minati Marme, Lab.bearer
18. Mr. Ludu Sing Baruah, Lab.bearer
19. Mr. Nagen Bordoloi, Lab.bearer
20. Mr. Bharat Chandra Koch, Grade IV
21. Mr. Bhagawat Behera, Grade IV
22. Mrs. Urmila Baishya, Grade IV
23. Mrs. Nilima Das, Lab.Bearer
24. Mrs. Urmimala Deka, Lab. bearer (Environment Management.)
25. Ms. Duluma Deka, Lab.bearer (Assamese Lib.)
26. Mr. Anton deka, Lab.bearer (office)

“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”


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